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Port Franks

21 km from Grand Bend

Port Franks and its beaches are located to the southwest of the Pinery Provincial Park, between Kettle Point and Grand Bend.  Two different natural ecosystems are preserved on either side of Port Franks. To the northeast, the community is less than a 10 minute drive away from the Pinery Provincial Park - an exemplary specimen of a special Oak Savanna Forest filled with rare species of flora and fauna. Hikers can enjoy the trails during the spring, summer, and fall while snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular winter pastimes.  The Forested Dunes Nature Reserve lies to the southwest of Port Franks. This protected land is part of the overall Port Franks Dunes & Wetlands Complex and offers more trail options for hikers. 

Make sure you visit the sand dune hill 

sand dune.JPG

Kettle Point & Ipperwash

27.8 km from Grand Bend

Kettle Point is named for its unusual spherical rock formations that erode from the underlying shale beds along the shore of Lake Huron. These rock formations known as “kettles” are unique to only three locations within the entire world.  Ipperwash beach is a beautiful sandy beach 

kettle point.JPG


 29 km from Grand Bend

One of Bayfield’s greatest strengths is the community’s beauty. The village offers a public park, shopping, fine dining and fast food restaurants. Enjoy strolling along the streets of this 'turn-of-the-century village'. After spending a day visiting boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops, make your last stop at The Spa in Bayfield and soothe your senses with music and aromas while relaxing in a friendly atmosphere.These attractions bring tourists from far and wide to see the historic charm of the village or to relax on Lake Huron beaches. For residents, these are just more things to love about their home! Bayfield’s four beaches, Main Beach, South Beach, Houston Heights Beach, and St. Joseph’s Beach are all popular with families. Main Beach is the closest beach to the village’s restaurants and amenities while Houston Heights boasts a pavilion and play area for kids. Further inland, Windmill Lake Wake & Eco Park is a different way to experience the water.

bayfield 3.JPG
bayfield beach.JPG

35 km from Grand Bend

Rock Glen Conservation Area

Located on the outskirts of Arkona, Rock Glen Conservation Area is a unique island of nature within the Ausable Bayfield watershed jurisdiction. Whether taking a hike along the Ausable Gorge or within Rock Glen's important Carolinian forest, you'll see many trees, plants and wildlife that are provincially distinct to this area.

The park is home to the Arkona Lions Museum and Information Centre which houses an impressive collection of Devonian Era fossils and aboriginal artifacts found in the local area. There are stairs, boardwalks and bridge allowing visitors to safely explore the steep sides of the glen and the 10.7-metre high waterfall just upstream of the Ausable River. Visitors and amateur archaelogists from all parts of North America have found many fossils in the exposed beds dating back 350 million years.

Accessible trails allow all visitors to see the park highlights including the scenic lookouts, museum and picnic areas.

rock glen.JPG
rock glen 2.JPG
rock glen 3.JPG


Oakwood Resort Golf - in Grand Bend

White Squirrel Golf Club & Restaurant - 10km away

Sand Hills Golf Club - Port Franks - 16km

Widder Station Golf, Grill & Tap House - 24km

Indian Hills Golf Club - 26km

Ironwood Golf Club - Exeter - 27km

Forest Golf Club & Inn - 33km away

Bluewater Golf Course - Bayfield 32km

Arkona Fairways Golf Club - 34km

Seaforth Golf Course - 46km

Woodlands Links Golf Club - 47km

The Maitland Golf Course - Goderich 51km

Goderich Sunset Golf Club - 56km

Golf in Huron County - "Stops Along the Way"  more info

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